Wednesday, 1 March 2017

New Beginnings!

I have spent the better part of this winter beginning a new series: The BRASS RING SORORITY series. Please join me for my new journey as I make my way to having this series published! Below find the synopsis for the series that has 8 books planned. The first titled: WINNING CASEY

If The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen was Canadian and female, they’d be a little like The Brass Ring Sorority…

Casey Madison’s the founder member of the Brass Ring sorority, an informal globe-trotting sisterhood who promised during their years spent working on their various degrees at the University of Manitoba, Canada, to help one another reach for the brass ring and make their most heartfelt wishes come true.

The Brass Ring Sorority series follows these eight badass, talented and professional women—all with different and valuable skill sets—as they go out into the world. They are committed to following the path least trodden in pursuit of their professional goals and to discovering vast riches during their treasure hunting jaunts. And of course living life to the fullest, embracing the centuries-old adventurers’ spirit much celebrated by pirates and privateers since times untold.

So what if they have their own unorthodox ways of going about things, and don’t take anything or anyone too seriously? They get the job done! And discover love hidden in the most unusual places along the way…
WINNING CASEY by January Bain
If Indiana Jones were female and Canadian, he’d be a little something like Casey Madison...
Passionate and driven, headstrong archaeologist Casey spends her life exploring the world for hidden treasure and ancient artifacts. A free spirit, her dedication to her calling and—let’s be honest—love of a challenge (the impossible is only a starting point, right?) means she’s often in conflict with the more narrow-minded higher-ups at the university where she’s employed as an associate professor. And why that would be astounds her, for she hands some of her booty over to the university’s museum, right? Timetables, rules, university protocols—they all go out of the window when Casey’s hot on the trail.
And this is why she’s not letting Professor Truman Harrison, the new ‘suit’ at the U of M, take over her life. So what if he’s a golden boy like Robert Redford from that old movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and sends her libido skyrocketing? She’s not changing or compromising for any man.
The inscrutable and highly intelligent Truman falls for Casey at first sight, literally, tumbling into a pit at her feet on first meeting. Now, if he as Casey’s new detested department head can just talk her into helping him search for the legendary treasure buried in the Money Pit of Oak Island, N.S., maybe he can also get her to fall into his bed. But first he needs to prove to her he’s not just another tunnel-visioned box-ticking management stooge…
Events conspire to throw the mismatched pair into each other’s company from the word go. From a warning being sent by unknown parties that death awaits them on Oak Island, to Casey’s home being broken into and a priceless manuscript being stolen, fate has them in her sights.
Death threats be damned—working together, the pair discover not one, but two hidden treasures. One they promise to return to its owner, but the other is up for grabs, that is, until a pair of thieves show up and steal it at gunpoint. Casey does not give up that easily, stubbornness being an enshrined family trait after all, and brilliantly saves the day aided by Truman. Okay, so maybe he was the one to actually tackle the bad guys first. Maybe Truman isn’t the stuffed suit Casey originally thought. Turns out he has a wicked sense of humor that aligns with hers, too.
Just as the opposites-attract pair grow closer, Truman’s ex-wife shows up, pregnant and insisting the child is his. He agrees to stand by his ex and Casey backs away, hurt by the betrayal but determined to do the right thing.
But the romance of this scorching-hot couple proves to have all the twists, turns, false starts and trick corners of a multicursal labyrinth. Luckily, both Casey and Truman have no small skill and a little bit of practice in navigating those...
Part madcap caper, part serious treasure hunting, the Brass Ringers never fail to entertain or get their way!