Monday, 5 April 2021

New Release: Garden of Cupid by Elizabeth Hollows!


Garden of Cupid by Elizabeth Hollows

Will doesn’t want a relationship. Blain isn’t looking for a boyfriend. But with an old lady playing Cupid, how can they ignore a chance at love?

Will Brewer is a shy artist living with only his cat for company. He’s not good with people and even worse with relationships. He isn’t looking for a boyfriend. He just wants to paint. In fact, he would happily be living the life of a hermit if his eighty-year-old neighbor, Mrs. O’Grady, wasn’t constantly roping him into tasks around her house.

And he isn’t the only one she’s preying on.

The new and gorgeous mechanic Blain Stewart has just moved in next door. Where Will feels like an awkward fool around Blain, the mechanic finds him adorable.

Blain has just ended a bad long-term relationship with a high-maintenance man who didn’t understand him. He feels like he’s starting all over again and he’s hesitant for his fresh start to include the talented and charming Will.

But when Mrs. O’Grady asks them to plant some flowers in her garden, the tension between them skyrockets.

They both think friendship would be safer than a new romance. But when attraction, connection and an enthusiastic old lady are pushing them together, can they resist?

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Monday, 15 March 2021

Brand New Release by Ellen Mint: CLAW!!!


Claw by Ellen Mint

He’s not your typical werewolf-next-door.

Layla didn’t count on a sex demon appearing in her living room.

Nor did she expect to find she’s a witch, tasked with protecting the mortal realm.

And now her friend, fellow nursing student and impossible crush could be a potential killer?

She’s silently lusted after Cal for a year, knowing a guy that hot, sweet, and kind wouldn’t

look twice at her. All their flirting was innocent and went nowhere, until Ink—

the incubus bound to her—

ran into her life and bed. Next thing she knows, Cal’s growling at her while Ink flirts,

and women are being ripped apart by wild animals.

Couldn’t the murder monster mystery wait until after finals?

She wanted to be a nurse, not a paranormal investigator, but Layla has no choice.

Apparently only witches can stop these creatures that she didn’t even know existed

a month ago. But the deeper she digs, the more it looks like Cal’s deep in the middle

of it all. How can she save her friend from the claws of a cult, keep her sex-craved

demon happy and find a way to let both into her heart or bed?

Everyone who buys a copy of Claw will receive the short story Retail Hell free.

Set between the events of Ink and Claw in the Coven of Desire series,

Layla's workday from hell is interrupted by her personal sex demon.

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Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Scarlett and The Big Bad (Book One) by Sierra Brave


 Who’s afraid of the big, bad wolf?

      Promised power and position, Scarlett Capuche left her tiny village to join the prestigious Order of the  Phoenix.

Monty Blackwolf never wanted a mate, especially not a human raised on a hidden farm for blood-ritual sacrifice. But his werewolf's heightened sense of smell drew him to Scarlett's sweet fragrance from miles away.

Duty-bound to protect her, he will break her of her religious devotion to the magical terrorist group responsible for the murders of his parents and older brother, even if he has to put her over his knee and turn her bottom as red as her hair.

      She belongs to him now, and he will claim all of her despite his affliction with a unique, third shifter-form he doesn't fully understand and isn't able to control.

Will Monty save Scarlett, or will he prove more dangerous to her than anyone else?

Author's Note: If you're offended by steamy fairytale retellings with graphic language, explicit put-you-in-the-moment love scenes, elements of power exchange, and domestic discipline, you might want to look for a different book.

yy                                                                MY REVIEW: 

A   The story of Scarlett and Monty drew me in from the very first word. So many questions I needed answered from the first opening paragraph! I laughed, I cried, I totally enjoyed the story! The characters are finely drawn and the retelling of the fairy tale imaginatively done. Monty in particular is quite memorable as a major Dom in the bedroom. 

      He grows as a character during the length of the story as does his mate Scarlett which is wonderful to see. The mythical world the author created was intriguing and original, not to mention, totally HOT with plenty of loving to go around!!! The tug of war between the hero and heroine was a wild romp at times which made it all that more pleasurable to read. I highly recommend this new sensual novel from Sierra Brave!

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Tuesday, 2 March 2021

RELEASE DAY for At His Mercy by Elvira Bell!


A thief and his captor… A spicy demand in exchange for freedom. Will Lio give in to the lord of the manor?

Young thief Lio should have known better than to steal from the mighty Lord Callen. After he’s been locked up in a cold cell in Callen’s manor, he’s told that he’ll be set free on one condition—that he agrees to share Callen’s bed for one night. Lio refuses, but can’t help wondering what sleeping with Callen might be like. Callen, on the other hand, takes the rejection badly and thinks Lio finds him old and unattractive. He can’t stop thinking about the pretty boy with the white hair, though, and they’re about to overcome their hostility toward one another when something happens that brutally cuts off their budding friendship and causes Callen to throw Lio out headfirst.

For months they are apart. Callen isolates himself in his chamber, enraged and bitter, while Lio struggles to make it through the winter. In the end, starvation forces him to seek out the last man he wants to see—Lord Callen. Callen, who resents him and does nothing to hide it. Will Lio be able to get through to him? Will they ever have what they both want—each other?

Reader advisory: This book contains scenes of violence.

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Thursday, 25 February 2021

RELEASE DAY!!! Second Chances in Cedarwood by Megan Slayer!

      Second Chances in Cedarwood by Megan Slayer

Who knew love could be found at a small-town hot dog shop?

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Who knew love could be found at a small-town hot dog shop?

Jack Walters opened his hole-in-the-wall restaurant to serve hot dogs—being a chef is all he’s ever wanted out of life. Love hasn’t worked out for him, so the last thing he expects is to find romance at his shop. But Jack’s been hurt before and he’s leery of the sexy man who keeps visiting his restaurant.

Henry Lord has been all around the world. He’s visited gourmet foodie places and tiny restaurants, but he loves the ambience at Jack’s Hot Dog Shop. He’s also in lust with the sexy owner. Henry’s shy, but he’s determined to get Jack’s attention. There are people who want to use Jack and change him.

Not Henry. It’ll take a herculean effort to prove to Jack that he’s the one for Henry. Good thing Henry believes in love, second chances and finding his home…in Cedarwood.

Reader advisory: This book contains mentions of homophobia, and emotionally abusive exes.

What are readers saying?

*This is a slow burn, sweet romance between two men navigating their busy lives with getting to know each other. The secondary characters are wonderful and both Jack and Henry are sweet with their attraction. A lovely read!

Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Brand New Release from Aurora Russell!


The Au Pair and the Beast by Aurora Russell

Veronica’s new job comes with a darling little boy, a Gothic castle and…a beast?

When recently laid-off Francophile Veronica Carson is recommended for an au pair job by the elegant leader of her French conversation group, she isn’t sure what to expect—but a Gothic castle deep in the wilds of Maine is certainly not it. Still, she’s drawn in by her joyful little charge, Jean-Philippe, and even more drawn to his brooding father.

Ruthlessly successful businessman Alain Reynard has loved before and has no wish to repeat the painful experience. The tragedy of his recent past is still fresh in his mind, and he wants nothing to do with his son’s lovely new au pair. Despite his best efforts, though, he can’t seem to get her off his mind.

A passionate romance begins to blossom but is put to the test when painful reminders of Alain’s past return. As ugly rumors swirl, the truths of the past and the present collide. Veronica must decide if Alain really is a beast and, if so, whether she can love him enough to break through the dark memories and secrets that tether him to what once was.

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What readers are saying:

"I love the character of Veronica who is well developed with an extremely open personality and a warmth that envelops all around her. Watching her with her charge, Jean-Philippe, warmed my heart. I had to laugh at his exuberance and energy, he is interested in learning anything and everything she can teach him with open curiosity and sweetness. She is a perfect fit for him!"

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*Highly Recommended 5 Stars!!!!!

Monday, 22 February 2021

Be My Valentine by Mary Dean


Be My Valentine by Mary Dean

Collection of short story romances

Love is in the air this Valentine's Day. Enjoy a collection of timeless stories by Kingston Publishing Company authors. Each story brings light-hearted fun, flirting, and of course, romance.

Be My Valentine by Charlene Johnson, D. S. Tossell, Katie Holland, Lisa Colodny, Mary Dean, McKenzie Stark, Shawna Hunter, Will Hallewell


Check out this collection of Valentine's Day themed short stories.

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